Our Mission

Our goal is to train, educate and instill confidence in each student that comes through our courses. We are dedicated to our craft and utilize our experience and continued training to accomplish our objective.

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Bryan has been a Fugitive Recovery Agent for the past seven years, receiving his P.O.S.T. certifications through Orange County Sheriffs Department. He has pursued and  apprehended fugitives through field investigations and surveillance. He has worked in various regions of California, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. In 2019 Bryan graduated from Pacific West Academy and now serves as a Executive Protection Agent, safeguarding various celebrities’. Bryan has received hundreds of hours of training from qualified instructors and leaders in this industry.

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Anthony is a 22 year veteran in Law Enforcement. He currently serves as a patrol officer. Anthony was recruited to be apart of several special assignments in his career such as investigations, prisoner transport and security detail for the Mayor. He is committed to growing as a leader both in the community and as a public servant.